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Assessment of breeding of Red-billed tropic birds on St. Eustatius

Grant RW Humphries, September 5, 2013

For those of you seabirders who are interested in Red-billed tropic birds, here is a great report on their breeding success on the island of St. Eustatius.

"Apparent nest success ranged from 55-100% across five breeding areas, while apparent fledge success ranged from 63-100% at those same locations. We used cameras and baited rat traps to document the presence of predators at nest sites. Predation rates captured on cameras were low (ca. 200 images of predators from ca. 263,000 images over 11 weeks). Cameras documented cats and rats at accessible nests. Although we could not confirm the cause of egg loss or the death of some chicks, the presence of cats and rats suggests that additional effort be expended to accurately measure their impact."

Because of the importance of this, and neighbouring islands, on the global population of red-billed tropic birds, it is likely that these areas should be better monitored.

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