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Seabird Conservation Scientist Needed on Ascension Island

Nicola Weber, July 19, 2013

Ascension Island Government Conservation Department is looking to recruit a Seabird Conservation Scientist with strong fieldwork, data collection and analytical skills. With the return of breeding Ascension frigatebirds to the main island in 2012, as well as planned expansions in marine and fisheries research, our seabird monitoring and research programmes are entering a new phase. We are looking for an experienced and self-motivated seabird scientist to take forward seabird monitoring, conservation and research on Ascension Island during this formative period. More information about the post can be found here: Ascension Island Government Website.

The salary is advertised as £12,000 per annum, but in addition to this the post holder will also receive a £2853 food allowance, rent free accommodation, utility allowances, flights at the start and end of the contract and also a mid-tour flight, free medical and primary dental treatment and generous baggage and shipping allowances. This is an extremely competitive wage for Ascension Island and as the cost of living can be comparatively low, it is likely to go a long way.

An exciting opportunity to join a small but growing conservation team working in one of the world's most unusual environments!