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Seabird Gathering Chicago AOU

Carolina Franco, June 6, 2013

Hello My name is Carolina Franco, i'm currently working with mating system in the blue footed booby in Mexico , i'm interested in the sea bird gathering :)

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William Mackin

William Mackin


It seems that you and I are the only people from that are interested in having a seabird meeting in Chicago.

I am giving a talk about my work at the Shedd Aquarium on August 15 at Noon. I can get you (or anyone else reading this message) in to that talk. It is right during the AOU meeting but I have a long relationship with Shedd and this talk will be to their conservation staff. Please let me know if you want me to get you in to that meeting. Otherwise, let's meet up at the poster session. I'll try to attend your talk.

Carolina Franco

Dear William

It would be great to assist to your talk in the Shedd Aquarium, i have no idea how to get there but i'll figure it out as soon as i arrive to Chicago, thanks for the invitation. See u there