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New Zealand seabird bycatch data

Edward Abraham, April 29, 2013

We have recently made New Zealand seabird bycatch data available at The website presents data on seabird captures reported by fisheries observers in trawl and longline fisheries, between 2002–03 and 2010–11. In addition to observed captures, estimates of total captures are available for New Zealand white-capped albatross, white-chinned petrel, sooty shearwater, other albatrosses, and other birds.

The bycatch data may be browsed by taxa, fishery, area, and fishing-year. There is a wealth of information here. For example, you may be interested in data on white-capped albatross captures in squid trawl fisheries, which appear to show a decline in catch-rates since the introduction of warp mitigation from 2006. Or you may be interested in black-petrel captures in the snapper bottom-longline fishery, as black petrel are the species most at risk from New Zealand fisheries.

You are welcome to use these data for any other purpose. All data are copyright the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, but are made available for reuse under a creative commons attribution 3.0 licence. You may also use the graphics from this site in other publications, blog posts, or wherever you like, provided again that acknowledgement is given.

There is a report that summarises the estimates, that is still making its way through the review process. In the meantime, if you need any more information about these data, please get in touch.

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Grant RW Humphries

Grant RW Humphries

Cool! Thanks for all your work on this Ed, Could you send me a logo/photo and a paragraph describing the database succinctly so I can use for the Seabird Information Network? - need to get this linked up on there.