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Bird's eye view of fisheries reform

Steve Votier, March 10, 2013

A recently published paper in PLOS ONE might be of interest to members:

Briefly, this paper provides a novel perspective on way the way in which central-place northern gannets Morus bassanus interact with fisheries, using a combination of miniaturised digital cameras and GPS loggers. We found that breeding gannets scavenged behind trawlers more than previously thought (especially males), but that they combined scavenging with 'natural' foraging.

These findings have implications for global changes to discarding, particularly in the European Union where changes in the Common Fisheries Policy may well see a ban on discarding.

Steve Votier

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Edward Abraham

Edward Abraham

Hi Steve, a fascinating study. I am impressed that you could identify the size of the vessel from the imagery. In New Zealand, we rely on observer coverage for understanding bycatch, and there are many fisheries that don't carry observers. This would allow us to identify whether birds were interacting with smaller vessels. Of especial interest for us are amateur fisheries. Camera monitoring of birds' interactions with amateur fisheries would be extremely interesting.