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Welcome to from the World Seabird Union

Grant RW Humphries, February 17, 2013

The World Seabird Union (WSU) would like to welcome you to – a website dedicated to the facilitation of communication and data sharing between seabird scientists around the world.

The benefits of keeping an active account with are many, including receiving email updates about the WSU and keeping up with global seabird research as well as colleagues. encourages seabird researchers to take advantage of its Discussion Forum to ask questions about research techniques, share data with other seabird researchers, and raise worldwide conservation issues. also has a Jobs Forum where paid and volunteer opportunities are posted regularly. This forum includes recruitment requests for graduate students. Your active participation in will ensure its value to the seabird community and we are looking forward to building this community with you.

If you have not yet joined the community, please signup here.

If you have signed up, but have forgotten your password, you can obtain a new one using your email or user name at that same link. If you don’t remember your email, login, or password, please email for assistance.

Again, Welcome to!