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Welcome to the discussion forum

Edward Abraham, February 12, 2013

Sometime during the last year, researchers began signing up to, the website of the World Seabird Union. There are now over 500 registered seabird researchers. We encourage you to have a look at your profile and update it, at least with basic address and information on which seabird groups you are interested in.

There is now a functioning discussion forum on, and we encourage you to post any items of interest to seabird researchers. At this stage, there are two discussion threads running: general discussion, and job announcements. You will also receive announcements from the WSU committee, and occasional administrative announcements.

If you are not interested in getting emails from, then you may change which discussion threads you follow here.

Next steps

Next steps for include improving the content, making translations and new content in other languages, adding the ability to load seabird photographs, and allowing researchers to upload publications.

Getting in touch

If you find issues with the discussion forum, or wish to suggest improvements, then get in touch with us by email at, by posting to the forum itself, or by raising an issue at the project's code repository.