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Looking for Information: Hearing in Seabirds

Grant RW Humphries, October 4, 2012

Hello everyone, I am posting this on behalf of Dr. Chris Surman

Dr. Surman is looking for information regarding HEARING in seabirds, particularly anything around noise impacts.

"At an existing development on an island they are planning to extend some of the accommodation blocks. This involves some excavation and fill. The excavation will be undertaken by a dozer and rock breaker. The predicted levels of noise from modelling at sites adjacent to the nearest Wedge-tailed Shearwater colonies are 70-80db. The nearest colony area (burrows) to these sites are 40m away.

There are no shearwaters in the immediate vicinity. However, being highly vocal critters we are concerned at what likely impacts we could envisage at these noise levels occurring at a time later in the breeding season."

If you have any information, or know of any relevant studies, or know of someone who could help out, please contact:

Dr. Chris Surman