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Observer Opportunity: Research cruise at the end of September

Grant RW Humphries, September 20, 2012

(27 Sept through 18 Oct if weather cooperates) out to the western New England Seamounts and the southern margin of Georges Bank (focused in areas of submarine canyons). We will leave from and return to Woods Hole.

There is a berth available and am searching for a seabird/marine mammal person who might benefit from collecting data on this safari. Any students who might be interested (in search of seamount hotspots etc)?

This is short notice but all this came together rather quickly (the primary focus will be using AUVs to search for deep sea coral communities - photo and side scan sonar sensors. No support available (but they could travel with me to and from port ... all costs at sea are covered) but want to make sure I give folks the opportunity.

Please contact Peter Auster