Ruben Fijn

Bureau Waardenburg, Netherlands

At Bureau Waardenburg I work in a team of bird ecologist on different projects ranging from ongoing monitoring programs to smaller consultancy work. Currently, I am part of a team that focuses on coastal birds and seabirds as well as marine mammals in the North Sea and Atlantic. One of the main projects we work on is a study on the foraging and breeding ecology of fish eating seabirds (Great Cormorants, Sandwich and Common Terns) in the Netherlands, including tracking with VHF-tags and GPS loggers. Another project is on the effects of offshore windfarms on seabirds in the North Sea. We conduct, analyse and report many ship-based and aerial cencuses of marine wildlife, use radar to study flight patterns of birds, and use satellite transmitters, geolocators, radio tags and GPS loggers to track birds.

Specialisms: Bird ecology, seabirds, foraging ecology, diet sampling, radar ornithology, marine mammals, satellite tracking, geolocator dataloggers, radio telemetry, ringing, aerial surveys, ship-based surveys.