Mrs Marcela Monica Libertelli

Instituto Antártico Argentino, Argentina

My name is Marcela Mónica Libertelli. I have a degree in Biological Sciences (UBA), and I am in the last year of the Doctorate in Biology (UBA). I have been working at the IAA since 1996 as a member of the Tope Predators Group, and I made my first Antarctic campaign in the 1998-1999 summer season. I am a Scientific Researcher and my line of research is based on the study of the trophic and reproductive Ecology of emperors penguins, skuas and petrels in South Orkney Islands, South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. This research is developed within the framework of the Institutional Project "Response of Antarctic bird populations in relation to the inter-annual variability of their prey in areas with evident effects of global warming". The present project intends to advance in the integral study of the variations of different population parameters of selected bird species, exposed to different local conditions, analyzing their responses to the changes observed in those regions of the Antarctic Peninsula where they were recorded. clearer signs of global warming. The aim is to increase knowledge about the role of top predators, which are sensitive to changes in the availability of prey. The information generated will have a direct impact on the interpretation and prediction of environmental changes in the marine system of the selected geographical areas. Regarding these proposed study areas, they are of particular importance for Argentina in terms of the use of marine living resources as well as from the geopolitical point of view.