Abdulmaula Hamza (PhD, M.Res, MSc. BSc)


University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

Lecturer in Marine Conservation Biology, with experiences in seabird monitoring and conservation from the Mediterranean region. Currently leading research projects to update the marine avifauna of Malaysia, with special interest in Tern breeding Ecology.

My previous research in Libya investigated the habitat requirements and breeding ecology of lesser crested tern Thalasseus bengalensis emigrata breeding at three offshore sites along the Mediterranean Libyan coastline.

I am also quite interested on how these terns utilise the climatic conditions and coincide with the spawning season of many epipelagic fish species near the breeding colonies, and how colony success can be a reflection to the quantities of food available for terns and their chicks.

I am also doing some phylogenic work in the taxonomy of the different subspecies of this species, i.e. emigrata, toressi and bengalensis.

part of my study is to find out where these terns winters in west Africa, as information is limited about that, so I am planning to use the third outer primaries of the adult terns (that grown in winter) to check its stable isotope signs and delineate wintering range.

I am a member of the following organisations: -Malaysian Nature Society - African Bird Club - British Trust for Ornithology - Scientific committee of small islands initiative in the Mediterranean. - Council member of MEDMARAVIS.