Seabird researchers in Canada studying gulls and kittiwakes

Name Institution Country
Carita Bergman Parks Canada - Gwaii Haanas Canada
Philip Bertrand Université du Québec à Rimouski, UQAR Canada
Louise Blight Procellaria Research & Consulting Canada
Laura Bliss University of Manitoba Canada
Kelly Boadway Canada
Tony Diamond University of New Brunswick Canada
Kyle Elliot McGill University Canada
Dave Fifield Canada
Tony Gaston Environment Canada Canada
Ryan Gill Canada
Luke Halpin Halpin Wildlife Research Canada
Edward Jenkins University of Manitoba Canada
Kevin Kelly Canada
Maynard Laurie Canada
Mark Mallory Acadia University Canada
Ken Morgan Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service Canada
Patrick O'Hara Environment Canada - University of Victoria Canada
Rosana Paredes Oregon State University Canada
Vivian Pattison Laskeek Bay Conservation Society Canada
Ingrid Pollet Dalhousie University Canada
Jennifer Provencher Acadia University Canada